Edit Tag Appearance

Edit Tag Appearance is a supplement to Optima System’s PageSpinner. Edit Tag Appearance is an application that lets you edit the appearance of tags and text between tags – colour, font, size and style.

NB: The application was developed rather quickly, and it is not very sophisticated. Suggestions, error reports etc. to jjj@cyrk.dk are welcomed, but I cannot make any promises …

The application is free.

News in version 2.0.2: This version also works with PageSpinner 5.

Below is a screen shot showing the main window:

Screen shot

Download “Edit Tag Appearance” 2.0.2 for Mac OS X
(1,2 Mbyte)

I have kept the old version available for older versions of PageSpinner:

Download “Edit Tag Appearance” 1.0 for Macintosh PowerPC and older versions of PageSpinner
(495k, must be expanded by StuffIt Expander)

Place the two files in the “PageSpinner Extensions” folder.

Jesper Juellund Jensen
Fordresgårdvej 50
2400 København NV
E-mail: jjj@cyrk.dk